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The Rising Pint Brewfest Charitable Cause

If there’s something we love more than beer it’s helping those in need!


In 2022 the Rising Pint announced it was spreading the love and supporting The REACH Foundation


The REACH Foundation is a 501.c.3 nonprofit organization founded by Mark and Wendy Wilson in 2000 to help children in need - physically, socially, and financially. The REACH Foundation was originally established to financially aid educational scholarships, continued education and training for educators, unique and beneficial educational programs, and programs that encourage social and responsibility in and out of the classroom.

The focus of REACH has expanded to include children with physical, social and financial issues. The primary mission of The REACH Foundation is to reach out to advocate and help children in need and to provide programs to improve their environment. The Foundation’s mission is simple,

“If in only one life, make a difference.” ®

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Additional Charities

Rising Pint Have Supported!

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